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There are multiple ways to "give with" Adirondack Foundation. Why do we say, "give with" instead of "give to?" Because making a gift, setting up a fund, leaving a legacy, or choosing any combination of these actions builds dedicated charitable resources specifically for Adirondack communities. This means we give together through grants and programs to make good happen across our region now and beyond our lifetimes. We asked Richmond Rabinowtiz - a legacy family member and Generous Acts donor - to share a bit about why she gives with us. 

1. Tell us about your connection to the Adirondacks?

My connection comes directly from my children. We came to Piseco to visit friends when my son was a toddler and my daughter about four. For them, it was love at first sight. I have a wonderful photograph of Alex in the lake – in October! – laughing and splashing and flatly refusing to get out of the freezing water. I have a mental picture of my daughter when she was about eight with her lake friends standing around a campfire on the 4th of July. The joy in her face will never leave me. In dark days I conjure the song of the loons and the vision of the moon on the water.    

But it is not just the natural beauty. I also think about sitting with friends and debating everything from best book of the summer, to best way to keep out invasive plants from the stream. One day while driving my then 6-year-old grandson back to our camp from a play date with friends – both summer residents and year-rounders – he said to me, “Do you know what is special here?” No, I replied having no idea what to expect, maybe the best watermelon? “These are friends I will have my whole life.” And he is right. Child wisdom!

2. What motivates you to give back?

This is an extraordinary place. The natural world needs to be protected – and that needs to happen with a deep respect for those trying to make a living here. That is why Adirondack Foundation is a natural choice. There is a clear commitment to the people here – all of them.   

3. Why is legacy giving especially important to you?

Well, I almost don’t need to answer that, do I?  Because our family connection is already three generations deep, we ought to give back to the extent that we can. Leaving a gift to the Foundation is also a gift to my children, their children, and family I will never meet. The other piece is trust. The Foundation will do the right thing with our small legacy. They are run effectively – and with love, understanding, and respect for people. Plus, they focus on community strengths and how to augment those rather than constantly seeing deficits. 

4. What is the benefit of unrestricted giving with Adirondack Foundation?

The Adirondacks is a big, complicated region with many issues. I love giving unrestricted funds because the Foundation stays in touch with significant needs, emerging issues, and crisis areas. They know far better than I ever could where the greatest needs are and how to have the most impact. Additionally, they are always eager to listen and learn more. As someone who spends a lot of time in the nonprofit world, I can tell you that that is a rare commodity. I have no doubt at all that my donations to the Generous Acts Fund will be used well. It is a great choice for a family that loves this part of the world and is not likely ever to have a donor advised fund. 

Matt Donahue, Vice President for Philanthropy

Matt Donahue

Vice President for Philanthropy