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Building Strong Communities Across the Adirondacks 

What makes a strong community? How does philanthropy factor into it? At Adirondack Foundation, we ask ourselves these questions every day. There is no single answer, and the components of strong and healthy communities are rarely linear. That’s why, as a community foundation, we take a “whole community” approach to amplify all that is good about the Adirondacks.  

Our Strong Community Framework for the Adirondacks reflects our approach to investing in promising opportunities, addressing critical challenges through Generous Acts and hundreds of other funds, and uniting people, institutions, and resources to produce widely shared lasting results through strategic initiatives like our Adirondack Birth to Three Alliance. We do this in partnership with generous donors, capable nonprofits, and dedicated civic leaders – by making grants and devoting social, political, and reputational capital to strengthen our region. 

  • Our Vision: Residents of all ages have equitable access to services that enable and promote a healthy quality of life. 

    Kids at daycare

    Recent Story of Good

    Child care helps to develop young brains and build a foundation of skills. It is also a fundamental service for working parents, their employers, and our economy. Eighty-five grants from our Small Grants for Small Children Fund helped provide financial assistance for child care providers this year – including Robyn’s Nest Daycare in Plattsburgh (pictured) – with an uptick in grants beginning in March to help these small businesses stay afloat during pandemic-induced uncertainty.

  • Our Vision: All children benefit from high-quality early learning and development. All learners have meaningful opportunities to pursue pathways to gainful employment and fulfilling lives.

    Anna Zibro, Bruce L. Crary Foundation Scholarship Recipient


    Recent Story of Good 

    The Bruce L. Crary Foundation,  a supporting organization of Adirondack Foundation, awarded $275,000 in scholarships this year to help 346 students across the Adirondacks pay for college expenses. Past recipient and 2020 college graduate Anna Zibro, from Lake George, (pictured) received funding each of her four years at SUNY Oneonta. She is now working toward a master’s degree in special education and literacy.

  • Our Vision: Thriving communities provide equitable and just economic opportunity, build generational wealth, attract residents and businesses, and inspire community participation.

    Sawyer Cresap of Hamilton Helps

    Recent Story of Good 

    With assistance from the Special and Urgent Needs Fund, the Blue Mountain Center launched “Hamilton Helps” to be of greater service to local communities in response to COVID-19 shutdowns. One of their early efforts, led by Sawyer Cresap (pictured), gave local businesses a boost by getting the word out through advertising and other means about which businesses remained open when most people assumed they were closed.  

  • Our Vision: Vibrant arts and cultural opportunities underpin community life by promoting social cohesion, expanding perspectives,  and helping to drive the economy. 

    Allison Studdiford outside Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake

    Recent Story of Good 

    A Generous Acts grant is helping to support an innovative, community-building partnership between the Pendragon Theatre and St. Joseph’s Merkel Veteran Residential Service to engage veterans in improvisation, acting, and playwright workshops. Participants develop empathy, confidence, and other skills, says Allison Studdiford (pictured).

  • Our Vision: A healthy environment helps sustain healthy communities by bolstering climate change resilience, inspiring stewardship, and providing opportunities for outdoor recreation.  

    Snowshoers at Eagle Mountain Preserve

    Recent Story of Good 

    Donor advised fundholder Bruce McLanahan notes that stewardship is a low profile,  yet critically important area that tends to be underfunded  in comparison to other conservation initiatives like buying land. That’s why he directed a grant to the Adirondack Land Trust, which cares for 51 conservation easements over 16,000 acres of land, to help the group steward the Eagle Mountain Preserve in partnership with the Northeast Wilderness Trust.  

Volunteers packing food at the Salvation Army of Plattsburgh

Testimonial Section

THANK YOU... Since we started keeping track, April 1, we have served 2,160 households, for a total of 6,036 people and 9,437 bags of food. Because of your generosity, we have been able to meet the needs of people at their point of need.

Major Robin Holmes Hager

Corps Commanding Officer
The Salvation Army of Plattsburgh
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