• ANN Retreat 2018 Collaborations Map

Strength Through Collaboration

The Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN) was created in response to the 2008 recession when over 40 organizations began to build professional relationships among peers, identify proactive approaches to shared problems, and have honest conversations about redundancies and collaborations to ensure strong Adirondack communities. At the time, the immediate focus for the Network was how to survive and succeed in a challenging economy. Since then, the focus has grown to include everything from program evaluation, financial management, advocacy, and meeting facilitation, to board governance, succession planning, and engaging the next generation.

Nonprofits are essential for building strong, vibrant, and equitable communities throughout the Adirondack region. They provide a steady beat for the rhythms of our communities –  feeding families, teaching kids, helping businesses, protecting water quality, fostering health and wellness, building cohesion through art, and so much more.  ANN members are committed to building skills and relationships to improve their effectiveness while purposefully overcoming a sense of isolation that can easily befall organizations across our sparsely populated region.

The Adirondack Nonprofit Network strives to...

  1. Build Pride of Place.

    Residents feel a shared sense of belonging in their communities.

  2. Invest in Communities.

    Investment of mind, heart, and resources is fostered among residents and visitors.

  3. Strengthen Nonprofit Work.

    The work of nonprofit staff, volunteers, and board members is nurtured and developed. 

Founding Member Organizations

  • Adirondack Architectural Heritage  
  • Adirondack Center for Writing   
  • Adirondack Community Housing Trust   
  • Adirondack Council
  • Adirondack Foundation
  • Adirondack Museum 
  • Adirondack North Country Association
  • Blue Mountain Center  
  • CAP-21: Central Adirondack Partnership  
  • Families First in Essex County 
  • Hudson Headwaters Health Foundation  
  • Indian Lake Theater 
  • Lake Placid Center for the Arts  
  • North Country Public Radio
  • Paul Smith's College 
  • Pendragon Theater
  • Seagle Music Colony
  • The Wild Center