Getting Started with Online Grants Manager

Signing up for an account only takes about five minutes if you are an approved 501(c)(3) organization. Be sure to have your EIN and executive officer's contact information easily accessible.

If you are uncertain whether your organization or school has previously applied through the Online Grants Manager and may already have an account, contact Leslee Mounger to find out. Please do not create a new Organization account if one was previously created.

If you are creating an account for your organization...

The first person to register enters your organization’s information, which creates your organization profile. It’s important to enter this information accurately and use proper formatting at registration – after this point, the organization profile can only be edited by Adirondack Foundation staff.

If you are an individual (either student or an at-home child care provider) applying for a grant or scholarship…

Put your last name in the Organization Name field (along with the name of day care if you’re a provider) and mark N/A in the location for the EIN number (ex. Smith, or for providers,  Smith – Tiny Tots Daycare Center).

Please note: Adirondack Foundation will send automated email communications regarding your application from [email protected]. If you find you are not receiving emails (i.e. application submission confirmations or other important reminders) from this address, look in your junk or spam folder. Please add this email to your address book to ensure you don't miss out on important communications. 
  • If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot My Password link to reset it. If you continue to have trouble, contact Leslee Mounger or call 518.523.9904.

  • If you change your email address over the course of a grant cycle, you must let Adirondack Foundation know of the change. We are not responsible for messages not received due to changed contact information if we have not been informed. 

  • Each field has character limits (including spaces), which are stated below the field – for example, you might see [250 left of 500]. Your character limit decreases as you enter more in the field.

    You will not be able to view or save data entered beyond these character limits, so you need to be mindful of this if you are cutting and pasting text from another source.

  • For application questions that request an uploaded attachment, click the Browse button and then choose the desired document from your computer. The filename of the uploaded file will be indicated under the Browse button. Next, save your application (button is located at the bottom of page). Pay attention to your file names – remove extra periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character. You may only upload one document per question.

  • The file size limit is noted next to the Browse button and the system will not accept files larger than 2 MB. Whenever possible, we recommend making a PDF directly from a Word or other type of document instead of scanning. If you do need to scan a document, check your settings to make sure it outputs as a small file. 

  • There are two ways to remove an uploaded file from an application: 

    • Once the file has been uploaded a delete button will appear below the file name. Clicking Delete will remove the file.
    • To replace the file, simply upload the correct file to override the one you no longer want.
  • Applicants can only upload a single document in response to an upload question. If an applicant has more than one file they need to upload, they need to combine the files either electronically or via scanning. There are two methods applicants can use: 

    • If the files to be uploaded are in a format that is editable (such as Word or Excel), the applicant may take multiple Word documents or Excel sheets and combine them into one PDF file.
    • If scanning documents into a single PDF, please make sure the output settings are for a small file. 
  • There a few different reasons one may experience file upload issues: 

    • File names - Remove extra periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character. 
    • File size - Files that exceed the maximum file size limit will cause an error. Try compressing a file to make it smaller. 
  • We can only make grants to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits (including churches) or to public entities, such as a town, public school, or state agency. All others will need to use a fiscal sponsor. Contact Leslee Mounger or call 518.523.9904 if you have questions.

  • No, organizations may only submit one application per grant cycle for a given fund. If there are extenuating circumstances or if your organization has multiple independent departments, such as branches of government or schools, sometimes exceptions may apply. If you think your situation may apply, contact Leslee Mounger or call 518.523.9904 to discuss.

  • For step by step assistance with creating an account and the application process, watch this video tutorial.

  • If your application was submitted through the Online Grants Manager, your report will be submitted through the same system. If you are assigned a follow-up report you will be emailed a reminder with detailed instructions on how to complete the form. 

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Leslee Mounger

Funds and Program Officer