New report helps communities address housing challenges

Adirondack Foundation, Northern Forest Center to host introductory webinar March 29

Monday, March 6 2023


A new report provides communities with tools and information for approaching housing challenges in the Adirondack region.

Produced by Adirondack Foundation and the Northern Forest Center, “A Place to Start: Adirondack Housing Resources,” is a comprehensive document that includes data, strategies and tools employed by municipalities, economic development agencies, private contractors, appointed task forces and regional nonprofits.

A webinar introducing the report and highlighting successful projects to date will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 29; to sign up, visit

“Adirondack Foundation, the Northern Forest Center and all of the organizations that contributed information to this effort have a shared commitment to addressing the critical housing issues facing our communities,” said Lori Bellingham, Adirondack Foundation’s vice president of community impact. “We believe this new resource will provide a head start for local leaders and citizens seeking solutions.”

“This is a resource for all of us working to address the specific housing needs of our communities,” said Leslie Karasin, the Northern Forest Center’s Adirondack Program director. “We hope this will help communities looking for best practices and strategies, whether it’s developing new housing units, understanding deed restrictions, attracting developers or rehabilitating dilapidated properties.”

The limited availability, subpar quality and lack of affordability of the Adirondack region’s housing stock is a widely recognized problem exacerbated by demographic and workforce  challenges. “A Place to Start” outlines an all-hands-on-deck approach to these challenges, highlighting ongoing work to bring more affordable housing to communities and presenting potential strategies that have not yet been implemented.

“This document highlights the important work taking place to address the housing shortages in our region,” Karasin said.

“We will be gathering feedback and revising this report as more information becomes available,” Bellingham said. “We are fortunate to have creative, caring and motivated partners that are working hard to address this issue.”

To view or download the report, visit

The Northern Forest Center has developed a strategy on attracting and retaining young people in the Adirondack Park, and is applying an impact investment-fueled approach to developing middle-income housing in Tupper Lake and several other Adirondack communities. To learn more about its work, visit

Adirondack Foundation has awarded grants to local housing work, advocated for state and federal support for rural workforce housing, and makes impact investments in projects that increase affordable housing stock. To learn more, visit

For more information about “A Place to Start: Adirondack Housing Resources,” contact Leslie Karasin at [email protected] or Lori Bellingham at [email protected].