Educational scholarships, career advancement grants available to residents of Essex, Willsboro

Deadline to apply is June 2

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


ESSEX — Adirondack Foundation is now accepting applications to the Lawson and Clint Allen Scholarship and Education Program, which provides support for higher education and career advancement.

The Allen Family Scholarship awards a $5,000 annual academic scholarship to a graduating senior at either Willsboro Central School or Boquet Valley Central School to provide financial assistance toward attending an accredited two or four year college, university, technical or trade school. The scholarship may renew each year, for up to three years, provided the recipient can provide evidence of working diligently, earning grades that reflect that effort, and making steady and satisfactory progress toward a degree or appropriate certificate.

The Allen Family Career Advancement Grant is an award for specific credentialing, licensure, internship, degree or certificate program in a chosen field of work. It is available to assist working residents of Essex, Elizabethtown, Lewis, Westport or Willsboro looking to further their career ambitions. The grant may be renewed for the curriculum sought — at a potentially altered amount — provided the recipient furnishes evidence of satisfactory progress in their program’s learning objectives. Grant awards may range between $250 and $3,000 annually.

The deadline to apply for both programs is Friday, June 2. Interested applicants of the Allen Family Scholarship may obtain forms from guidance counselors at Willsboro or Boquet Valley central schools. To request an application to the Allen Family Career Advancement Grant, please email [email protected].

For more information about the Lawson and Clint Allen Scholarship and Education Program, contact Leslee Mounger at [email protected]. To learn more about Adirondack Foundation, visit